Solidwork Dream machine


could you tell me what will be a dream machine if you plan to do big cosmos flowork analisys,

I'm not working with SW I'm technician in IT my engineer ask me a real machine cause right now the standard time for him to do an analisys is about 2-3 days !

I plan to install Win64 and we plan to spend about 10k$ , so please be honest with a real dream machine.


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I would suggest talking with BOXX Technologies about your needs. Although their primary business is supporting movie making, animation, etc., they sell machines especially for CAD applications including SolidWorks. All of their mechanical design is performed with SolidWorks, so they understand the details of its operation. Their web site is

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My last workstation was purchased from them and I've been very happy with their support.

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John Eric Voltin

Dell Precision 490 WinXP-64 (2) Xeon 5160 3.0 GHz Dual Core CPUs

16GB DDR2 SDRAM FBD Memory, 667MHz, ECC (8 DIMMS) Quadro FX550 Graphics Card (2) 160GB 10k rpm SATA Hard Drives in Raid 0 Array DVD RW


($6462 with 2.66GHz 5150 CPUs)

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