Weld-Pak 100

Howdy! Newbie here. I bot a Lincoln Electric Weld-Pak 100 several yrs ago
(it's beyond warranty) and have run less than 30 lbs (total) of .035
flux-core wire through it and it died. There is no feed or arc, but the fan
runs. Apparently, it's a throw away, according to Lincoln techs and the ones
at the local authorized repair shop.
I have invested too much money in it to throw it on the junk pile . . .
upwards of $500 with accessories and a homemade cart I built exclusively for
Has anyone had similar experiences? I'm finding out, from various sources, a
lot about the way these little units are engineered for failure, and I've
had it. I'm seriously looking at forming a class action lawsuit.
Anyone interested, or know anyone who might be?
It's time we oust the junk that floods our markets and make the buying power
of a US dollar mean something.
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Wiring diagram is on the case, parts are available, it is the older model that goes for $200 or so used/NOS. This IS the low end model. What's the problem that warrants a class action law suit? Would you like to quote the "various sources"?
Ted wrote:
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The best way to "oust the junk" is to stop buying it.
That approach has the fringe benefit of not making any more lawyers richer. They are usually the primary beneficiarys of such suits.
That said, there is a reasonable chance that several of us here on the newsgroup might be able to walk you through repairing your unit, if that is what you really want.
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Gerald Cooper
"Ted" wrote
It's likely that they say that because it was the bottom of the Lincoln product line and was pretty much only sold by Home Depot, Lowes, Northern Tool and others. It's not up to their "standard". :-)
I have an SP-170T, which is a 220V welder that's similar and I had the same problem once. I removed and replaced a couple of connectors to clean them off and it's been working great ever since. I specifically remember unplugging a connector that went to the main board and fed the switch from the gun and always figured it was the most likely culprit.
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Keith Marshall
Have you spoken to the Lincoln reps yourself, or has the local service shop told you what they said? It's my understanding that Lincoln will sometimes provide parts for a repair if the machine isn't too far out of warranty, (It can't hurt to ask.) and if I recall correctly, the warranty is 3 years.
I highly doubt that it was "engineered for failure." The honest truth is that all machines are designed to compete in a particular market and still be profitable for the manufacturer and distributors. This machine was probably designed to sell for about $300.00 to $400.00 and I think it's a very good machine for its intended purpose. It simply will not have the capacity or longevity of a machine costing significantly more.
Has the service shop checked the machine? Do you know what has failed? If you don't know precisely what the problem is, I would be happy to help you troubleshoot your machine, and I'm sure others in this group would be willing to help as well. Very simple things often cause problems like you have described.
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Thanks for all the helpful input. Sooner or later I expect I'll find the time to work on it, but for now I have a house remod to finish that might take a month or so. I talked to the Lincoln tech dept and they are offering their help and I did get a schematic with the voltages from them as well. Kudos Lincoln! Thanks again, Ted
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Kinda lurk here mostly , but I have a Weldpak 100 , as does a good friend . We both like ours ... but then both of us have added the gas shielding kit (usually around 75 bucks on ebay) and burn ER70S6 .025 wire . I'm using CO2 right now and when I get my feed/amps/travel rate right it makes a right purty weld . I had a lot of trouble using the flux core , but that was likely my own fault . To paraphrase Clint , "A man has got to know his welding machine's limitations" .
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I had mine for yrs then one morning.. stopped working. after several weeks I learned it and schematics but...lost for reconnection...I believe 3 bad diodes...fan works turned on...gun just clicks but wire feed does not...does work external power...I hate trying to understand schematics though..need to know where all three power cord wires go. and on the control panel
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Where are you located Someone that lives near you might be able to help.
I helped a guy find the problem in his older TIG welder. It was a bad SCR.
I live in Hockessin , Delaware. Probably no where close to you.
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