just got a lincoln weld pak 100

While saving up for a monster 220V machine, I decided to buy a used lincoln
weld pak 100 posted in the classifieds today for $85. The owner used it as
flux core only.
Anybody know a web store that's got a good price on the gas conversion kit?
Or the aluminum conversion kit? I've got some small projects I need to get
out of the way and after that I may just convert it to use strictly for
aluminum once I get my 220V.
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hate to disappoint you bet your machine does not have the "whoomp" to run aluminum, don't waste your money on liner and other things.
on the other hand you got a good deal for $85, even if you buy the lincoln gas conversion kit for $99 at home depo you still got a good machine for home/ hobby use for $184.
I would get a couple rolls of flux core wire .030 and .035 and do some welding with it and see what you think before you go for the gas conversion most tings can be fixed with flux core and you got the most portability (no bottles to drag around. ) it is the best picket fence building machine. Als good tool to build some wicked playscape for the kids, monkey bars of any shape and direction , fireman poles and so on......
good luck.
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Good advice to wait on the gas setup, flux core does a lot of decent work.
acrobat-ants wrote:
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I'd keep to the smaller .030 diameter of wire though.
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Greg M
lincoln does not tell you this...and it is not printed on the side door sticker where your settings are, but with the .030 fluxcore wire you can use the lowest heat setting which is "A" on the dial.
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