what db engine for dbworks? (progressive slow down when saving)

hi all.
we're experiencing a progressive slow down when saving files in swx
with dbworks activated, expecially when saving new parts.
it's not a matter of network speed, because:
- we've recently upgraded our 100mbit fast ethernet lan to a gigabit
lan using a cisco gigabit switch
- the network backup we schedule twice a week is *terribly* fast
it isn't either a matter of cpu speed because we've recently moved to
new powerful workstations (p4-3.2, 1.5gb, scsi disk, blahblah)
at the moment, we're still using dbworks with a central .mdb access
file, as it was set up years ago. the size of the file, after a
tools/compact database is something around 16mb and in some weeks
grows up to 60mb --or more; yes, i'd like to know what the h**k
dbworks does *continuously* on its database--.
the slowdown, as stated, is progressive and going worse and worse. it
gets a little bit better after the tools/compact database, but for a
very short time.
our file server is a sarge debian linux server, which runs also a
postgresql server --which i use for other things--: may i use it for
dbworks, too? postgresql has a great odbc driver. i wouldn't want to
install a ms2003 server only for dbworks and wouldn't want to pay
money for a ms sql server i wouldn't use that much...
at the moment i have *no* microsoft servers in my lan --removed them
one by one in the past years--.
any suggestions?
thank you in advance.
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Gianni Rondinini
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I approached DBWorks about running a database like mySQL. They use some database functions that are not yet fully implemented on mySQL. I did not discuss postgresql with them. DBWorks did say that they would have no problem with the file server being on Samba however. mySQL is close to being capable of running DBWorks. Being under an open license it is possible to write in the upgrades if you are capable.
Gianni R> our file server is a sarge debian linux server, which runs also a
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is it possible to know what functions dbworks uses which are out of the "standard" sql mysql and/or postgresql handle? have you tried working on mysql even if people at mechworks told you it shouldn't work correctly?
thank in advance.
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Gianni Rondinini
Let me understand this, you spend big bucks for some new hardware yet you still use the free .mdb access database? DBWorks runs on all the same certified environments as Solidworks, plus although not certified will work on others... Why don't you back-up you mdb access database, then upsize to the postgresql and see if it works? you will always have your backed up database.
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Your other option is to run MSDE 2000 - the free SQL server from MS. Download the MSDE Manager from the Mechworks website -- upsize your Access database to SQL and away you go..... Its supported by DBWorks.
Gianni R> hi all.
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you're right, but sometimes you see that the program doesn't work only when you use a seldom-used-feature, and it's late to revert to the .mdb file because you may have worked a couple of weeks on the new database. i wanted some folks at mechworks give me more details, but i can't find a contact form on their website.
anyway, thank you for your suggestion.
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Gianni Rondinini
i have never used msde2k: i'll check how it works because having no windows[anything] server running may probably be half a problem.
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Gianni Rondinini
Hello Gianni,
I've been inquiring into MySQL support for DBWorks as well. The short discussion is here:
formatting link
In conclusion, neither MySQL nor PostgreSQL seem to have been successfully tested with DBWorks.
Regards, Jean-Philippe Valois
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I passed your name to MechWorks, you should be contacted back soon...
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they just emailed me. thank you *very* much.
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Gianni Rondinini

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