Slow down a fan speed.

Electrial experts, I have a hot dawg heater and would like to slow down the very powerful fan that clicks on after the burn chamber gets hot, it is too loud in my garage, drowns' out the football game. I looked at the heater itself and I can NOT select any other options on the control board to set the speed. Also, the fan on the back of the heater that I want to slow down has a start capaciter, and I don't know is that is important but it may be. Can I just look at the amp rating on the fan and add a reostat in line with the feed to the motor? (I took two years of electronic backin the 80's but don't use in day in and day out)

I have a call into Modine, the makers of the heater, but they do not seem that user friendly. Thanks in advance.

Mike in cold Minnesota.

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Mike Coonrod
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There are ways to control inductive motor speeds, but unfortunately a resistive solution isn't one of them. As you decrease the current to a motor, the current increases sometimes to the point of catastrophy. More likely the temp would rise until an internal winding temperature sensor shuts the fan down. Sometimes they are self resetting, sometimes not. Check into motor controllers for a better solution. Pop

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I wouldn't recommend slowing it down. The fan was designed to run at that speed for a reason.

Maybe look at replacing the fan with a quieter one of the same speed.


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Is the fan noise coming more from the front, or the back?

I'm thinking absorbing the noise is going to be more fruitful than trying to make the heater generate less noise.

If you slow the fan down, or replace it with one that flows less air (volume/time) the heater will likely overheat.

Can you post a link to what this critter looks like?


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