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I am in the UK. Can anyone recommended a 6 inch (150mm) window-mounted extractor fan for a kitchen. Good value is important as I'm on a budget.

I want a fan that is not too noisy or too powerful as the kitchen is small (under 30 cu metres).

Could I use a variable speed controller like this one

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with any fan?

Or does the fan have to be of a certain type? For example, able to run at slow speeds, have a certain number of "windings", use a particular method of starting, or whatever.


My old fan was 255cu m/hr (35W) and it was claimed the noise was 49 dBA. It was quite loud (1800 rpm) and too powerful.

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I once used a stock standard DIY shop extraction fan, connected to a dimmer designed for inductive loads.

Worked totally flawless for a very long time. (sold the house - probably still working)

Fan was quite loud at full blast, but whisper silent at ~30% duty. I used it in the bedroom for ventilation, so quitness was nice to have.

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Your link page not found. If you only need to quieten the fan down you probably dont need a controller at all, see

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'd only need one reduced speed, so just one capacitor (&bleed R)


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----------- Most small fans will have a shaded pole induction motor. You can use a variation of a dimmer to control this fan over a limited range but the device should be rated for motors rather than incandescent lights as the cheaper ones for lights may not handle switching an inductive load. As I recall it is about 1.5-2 times the price of one of similar rating for lights. I have one (designed for motors) on a fireplace blower and this has a lower limit setting which I set to avoid stalling (no cooling of the windings if the fan is not turning could limit its life)- something that I consider essential. This works well. Starting is at full voltage but the noise can be reduced appreciably -with an associated drop in extraction and it is fully adjustable between maximum and the minimum setting. A similar device in a kitchen extraction fan that I have is not as effective because the back pressure in the duct is a problem and less control is possible- a window unit should not have this problem. --

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