Need Variable Speed Motor

I am putting my shop back together after the fire. I need a 3/4 to 1 HP variable speed motor with controller to power a belt grinder. Must run on

120 or 240 VAC 1 phase. New or used.

Let me know if you have one to sell or direct me to a good source if you can. Help or advice appreciated.

Barry Trindle, Knifemaker & Engraver

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Barry Trindle
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formatting link
is always a good source for stuff like that.

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Bill Bright

What caused the fire ? I work out of my basement can't get insurance .So i worry about it alot.

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VARIABLE Speed ONE PHASE AC motor? I did not think they exist.... DC motor and matching controller works and Surplus Center is great at that... or a VFD for a 3 Phase AC motor works even better...

Is there such a beast as as a variable speed one phase AC motor?

Steve Koschmann

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Steve Koschamnn

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