Variable Speed Exhaust Fan and Motorized Air Inlet Shutter Control in Greenhouse

We are attempting to use Quantum 240 Volt Fan Control 55S as seen at
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to control Farmtek's
CF1770 240 Volt Variable Speed Exhaust Fan as seen at
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Farmtek's 120 Volt Motorized Air Inlet Shutter #104186 as seen at
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We are using a relay to provide the needed 120 Volt power to the
motorized air inlet shutter. The fan and shutter motor are basically
working OK, but there seems to be two problems:
1) The 3 second kick start function will work if I switch the
controller from OFF to AUTO on the controller, but it does not work in
normal operation when the temperature rises above the setpoint and
calls for the fan to turn on. The fan just turns on at a slow speed
and then ramps up as the temp increases on a hot day.
2) There is considerable interference to radios when the fan is
running. Not sure if this is related to the problem above.
Do relays used in this manner tend to cause problems in the operation
of the variable speed fan? Is there a known specific type of relay to
be used in this kind of situation?
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