need help with fan speed control

Could someone please help me to find a way of setting the fan speed in this
circuit so that it
will always run at maximum speed:
formatting link

I guess it is a 2 speed fan motor.
Also, will running the fan at maximum speed also run the compressor faster?
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this circuit so that it
I would guess your wrong about the fan speed
What on earth would make you think that the fan would make the compressor run faster?
Still trying to get your home work assignments done by others?
There is not enough information on your drawing to draw valid conclusions. Just like last time
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no homework, just asking for advice.
that is the only diagram available, I know it's not a good one.
on hot days, the compressor seems to run fast, so I guess the fan has a sensor which is linked to the compressor speed.
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I don't see what the problem is here, you say the compressor runs faster at times? they usually don't they may sound that way when the first kick on but the only thing that has a speed control is the fan...
I can't really tell from your schematic (didn't want to get into it) & I am surprised that no-one has a resolve for your query, but, If it's the fan you want to control it's only logical to isolate the leads to the fan and place your speed control in series with the hot lead., If the motor has several leads for it's different speeds then all you need to do is instead of a speed controler use a multiple contact rotary or 3 position (4wire) switch between the hot lead to the motor and to each respective speed lead to the motor windings.
with the schematic there I don't understand why you need to ask }:-o
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Roy Q.T.
runs faster
kick on but
He lacks rift we drift in space rift effects are throwing everything off. He needs a VRCMU...your tube might work for him but I wouldnt let it go for such a small project. It will be worth more to you personally as we approach the portal itself.
Hopefully Chas Perry PE will comment on this issue and we can gain from his insight.
Phil Scott
into it) & I
If it's the
leads to the
lead., If the
you need to
rotary or 3
and to each
ask }:-o
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Phil Scott

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