installing a remote switch

I have cooling unit with an on/off switch inside the casing. I want to install
a remotely controlled on/off switch. I have already purchased the remote switch
have tested it on a household light and it works fine at a distance of 25 yards.
In fact,
it is an RF type switch that works through walls, etc. The switch (relay)
module has
mains input/output wires 240 V A/C and a maximum load of 1000watts.
Here's the wiring diagram of the cooling unit:
formatting link

I would like to switch the compressor on and off with the remote switch or if
that's not
possible, then switch the whole thing on/off.
The question is where do I put it?
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yards. In fact,
your wiring diagram does not indicate what the load is. Do you have a diagram with the t-stat in it? Interrupt the stat and it should work
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thanks for the reply. unfortunately, I don't have any diagram for the thermostat. I post the diagram on another newsgroup ( and someone there reckons the pressure switches act like a thermostat.
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First, sorry for my english, I'm french.
I'm not sure if I anderstand you well. I think you want to switch (On/Off) the compressor without touch the cooling unit!?!
The wiring diagram you show is general, I mean that it presents a lot of options but you do not have all of them.
Do you have a contactor to start your compressor? If you don't know I'll ask my question differently. Presently, do you have push a Start/Stop button to switch the compressor On/Off or is it "self-suffisent" when it's plug => Start any time on low pressure and stop on high pressure?
Waiting for your response...
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