Smartfasteners aren't?

Am I the only one that has trouble using SmartFasteners?
My primary problem is this....
Take an assembly that consistes of the following items:
Part A
Part B
Part A
Both instances of Part A are to be attached to Part B. When I insert
SmartFasteners into the mating holes between instance 1 of Part A and
Part B, everything works OK. If I try to insert SmartFasteners into the
mating holes between instance 2 of Part A and Part B, then I get no
satasfaction. SWX won't even let me make the selection of the holes, it
highlights the hole, but when I clik, the highlight just disappears.
What's going on here?
SWX2005, SP3
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Dave Nay
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Haven't seen that my self.
My problem with Smart Fasteners is if part A or B change in depth, Smart Fasteners will not update the bolt length. One must delete the fastener parts and add new a Smart Fasteners. I guess they are not smart after all, maybe should be renamed to "OneTimeFastener" or maybe "smart" could be swapped with "static".
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Keith Streich
One more thing to add to... our office installed the toolbox on our local drives to avoid network traffic. All computers have the same installation structure. When someone else in my department opens an assembly I've created, the get a warning box that SW could not find the configuration for the bolts I've used. Upon closing the warning box, the part seems to open normally, but the bolts have changed into the default generic bolt. The only fix is to manually recreate each bolt size in the tool box that I use.
SW should be programmed to automatically create the toolbox configurations as called out on a part.
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This is a long-standing issue with ToolBox fasteners. Do a search and see if you can find a couple of posts by Matt on this topic. He had some really advice on how to avoid this problem.
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Welcome to "The land of the giant fasteners"
This is one of the nices sentences I learned in this NG :-) \/\/im
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