Intralink 3.2 on a windows server

Hello Everybody,
We are planning to migrate our intralink 3.2 installation from a "solaris
2.6" to a "windows server 2003" in order to install version 3.4 with pro/E
Wildfire 2. I have several questions:
-Does intralink 3.2 run on a windows server 2003 ? It's not supported by
-Did anyone have already done this style of "migration"? Is it difficult to
-Do i have to migrate the dataserver or simply export from solaris and
import into windows after installation of the dataserver?
-Can someone point me to a step-by-step method for doing that?
Sorry for my bad english.
Patrice Freytet
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Hey Patrice,
Not sure whether or not Pro/Intralink 3.2 will run on Windows Server 2003. I do know that I got Pro/Intralink 3.4 M011 working on Windows Server 2003 with no problems. Just make sure you have the appropriate Oracle database and patch ( is needed I think) for the Windows 32-bit platform.
I have only done migrations across Windows platforms (Windows 2000 server to Windows 2003).
E-mail me. I have a PDF document that is very close to what you are trying to do (between UNIX and Windows in Intralink 3.x).
Hope this helps.
--Adam Joseph Cook, Mechanical Engineer
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Adam Joseph Cook

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