ability to read and write drawings other people are working on.

I guess the subject pretty much says it. We're using autocad lite
2004 on a network. I, unlike the rest of my co-workers, am able to
open a file that someone else already has open. If I dont' save it,
no problem. But if I save it, I get a message indicating that this
file can't be saved as (the drawing title) but will be saved as (a
cryptic name).ac$. The original drawing file then disappears from
view when using windows explorer. This, of course doesn't contribute
to my popularity in the office!
Any suggestions on where I might begin to troubleshoot this guy? Im
not the network guy but work with him on a regular basis for autocad.
We have a Macintosh server, with pc workstations, P4's. I seem to be
the only one having this problem.
Thanks in advance for your help.
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if more than one person load a file, and both edit it, then someone's changes will be lost. see?
sounds like you have a network permission problem in that I would not set it up for one user to have more rights than the others. but in the end it is all the same. do not open files others are working on, and if by chance you do, save to a new name.
yourstupidfile.dwg save as perfection.dwg
then, to get your changes, load perfection next time.
and if the boss is having two people editing the same file concurrently, fire the boss. especially if you work for the government.
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What your saying makes sense and we've adopted this to prevent future problems. Just wondering why it would be happening to myself exclusively.
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only your network guy knows for sure...... drink more beer. that usually works for me.
around here, I am the network guy, and I don't really know squat. I would rather be drawing.
writing a little lisp. sneaking up behind the wife to......
whoops, spilled my beer.
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