** Get rid of "save as..." prompt?? **

I am using AutoCAD 2000i at work. All drawings however are to be saved in
R13 format. It's easy enough to 'force' the "save as R13" BUT when you
close the drawing it brings up a prompt that says "...saved in old
format...do you want to save in AutoCAD 2000 drawing format?"
Is there a way/setting I can change or do to make this prompt not come up??
There is a guy at work NOTORIOUS for apparently saving as R13 but not
paying attention and clicking to save into 2000 format when closing the
drawing. This causes probelm on our Production floor as they cannot view
the drawings unless they are in R13 format.
Thanks in advance!!
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I'd try to "undefine" the Save command and then write a SAVE lisp routine to do what you want.
To do the Undefine, add this to the end of your startup Autocad.lsp file. (Command ".UNDEFINE" "SAVE")
Then write your (Save.lsp) Lisp routine to to the SAVEAS and autoload it.
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