sw2005 sp3 doesn't prompt to save.

Hi all,

I've just noticed that sw2005 (which puts an asterix after the file name when it needs to be saved) will close those files (with an asterix) without prompting to save. This must be a bug...


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Just to be sure - They weren't read-only were they?

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Dale Dunn


I agree with Dale. Also check to see if your Tools-Options-System Options-External References

Open referenced documents... Don't promt to save...

Match up with your intent whether to save or not.

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You likely have one or more of these settings checked and don't realize it. You may have the second checked to avoid read only hell because the first is checked.

There are three very important settings on the External References dialog in system options.

Open referenced files read only Don't prompt to save read only files


Search external references

The last is tied to the entries in File Options/External References. Order is important. SW will search these pathes using a somewhat complicated algorithm that amounts to a recusive search down a tree based on what is entered there.

When you work in a team environment you likely will want the first two to be checked. If you have a folder for released and in work documents you might want to use the Search external references checkoff.

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