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I have a part document with 19 configs and with a design table. It is a simple ERW box section, with configs for lengths and tapped holes.

I have Eco squeezed it and now the table will not update with new configs. If I delete the table, I receive the, "failed to save document", message when I try to save it.

Now don't get me wrong, I am not blaming Ecosqueeze, it could be just coincidental.

I could send the document to anyone who wants to see the problem, maybe there is a simple answer. It is showing 13.8 MB in size, unzipped, but I will zip it.

Any help is most welcome, thanks :-)

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I get fail to save docuement errors all the time without running EcoSqueeze or Unfrag. It sometimes happens when saving over the network. In that case, I save the file locally and then move it with Explorer to the network drive. That usually fixes the problem which appears to be MicroSoft based.

On procedure for doint this is to do a saveas copy to the local drive (which removes the same information EcoSqueeze does) then copy the file to the network location and reload it into SW. You don't even have to close the document if you have an assembly open.

I spoke to some people at SWW about EcoSqueeze. Here is what I understand to be the problem and how it can be used safely. Assuming that you don't go wild and check the boxes like remove display list and parasolid information EcoSqueeze will just remove shadow data. The shadow data can be used by SW to recover a corrupted file so if you unfrag or do a saveas copy and the file becomes corrupt there is little SW can do about it. To use EcoSqueeze safely and effectively means not to use it on files that are actively being worked on because this is where file corruption typically crops up. Instead run it against the files that are known to be good (i.e. released parts typically stored in a read only folder) to save archiving space. Ecosqueeze won't corrupt a file, but it will remove information that can be used to revover a file. And even if you run EcoSqueeze against your current working files, if you have backup set to 2 or 3 and don't run EcoSqueeze against your backups you will always have a way to get the file with the shadow information intact.

I think there are some at SW who would like to blame Ecosqueeze and Unfrag for problems with file corruption that stem either from SW , Windoze or network problems that ultimately are their responsibility to identify and fix.

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It seems like with 2005 I get a failed to save document a lot more than I ever have with any other version of SW (since 98). The strange thing about it is that when I open the drawing and/or assembly files, everything saved and nothing seems to be screwed up.

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Thanks for the replies, the note about network drives may just be the answer. This file was saved to a usb memory stick and taken home, (yes I know, very sad), lol

I shall check the original file tomorrow, (Monday), and see if it is ok. One thing I did notice about the configurations, is that every one has a star, when any config is selected, could this be another clue? The file was Ctrl Q saved, but should I open every config in turn and Ctrl Q and save?

I'm down to a 4 day week,until April, but get paid for 5, due to the amount of holiday owed, :-) But still take work home! Mad, totally mad :-S

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Is the part derived or have some external references that weren't taken home also. I don't recall ever seeing a star next to the configs but next to features I have seen. Curious...


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Ok , it is definitely the memory stick which caused this problem, as I was unable to read it my PC at work. But files at work ok, or so I thought........

I pointed out something to my VAR today, the star that appears next to the file name, (top left hand corner), when a document requires saving!, lol, hmmm...

Now here is the situation, concerning these files:-

A part with configurations,( non of them derived), "A Section" though to "R Section" and a design table. An assembly document using the part. A Drawing with multiple sheets of that assembly.

First problem, I have a custom property called Length, on the custom tab of "A Section", I select dimension "D1" of the extrude and the data shows correctly.

"D1@Extrude1@@A Section@NPD 230L Frame 50x25x3mm Box.SLDPRT"

I then repeat this for the other Configurations, so far so good.

"D1@Extrude1@@B Section@NPD 230L Frame 50x25x3mm Box.SLDPRT"


I then insert a design table, which is also correct. I then rebuild and save the part document. If I then look at "A Section" properties, all is well. If I then look at "B Section" properties, the link to "D1" has gone leaving just 768, (for example), which are correct to "D1" I.e., as if I had just written the numbers in. This is the same for all of the remaining configurations!

Now here is the first problem, if I change the extrude "D1", on "B Section" or any configs, the dimension no longer updates in the "Length" column, in the design table.

Second problem, The drawing is made from the assembly, any changes to the assembly updates the drawing. this is correct, but I have a funny situation whereby, even adding a note (no leaders) to the drawing, (not even in a drawing view), and save the drawing,

Step1, A message appears telling me that referenced documents need updating. If I then open the assembly, it tells me that it has changed! another Hmm.......

Step2, So I save the assembly and re-open the drawing, guess what?, the referenced documents have been updated and required saving!

After saving I get, wait for it!.............................................. step1.

Arrrrrrh! A loop, I think.

I have sent an "Rx", to my VAR, I hope he can sort this out!!

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