Is it possible to explode configs into seperate parts - without breaking assembly?

Hi all,

I have an assembly of extruded pieces which I've been building up using design tables etc. But it has all spiralled out of control. Too many config's, too much confusion and lot's of small errors. I want to save each config to a seperate part then replace the related assembly items with the new part file. Surely there is a macro or something for this?


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I received just that program as part of a SW add-in at SWW2005 from Barry-Wehmiller. You might go to their website

formatting link
and request a copy.


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Wayne Tiffany

I just did a part with 34 config's. It wasn't that hard to do it manually.

Save as: new part name Use config name for new part. open new part delete all other configs delete all suppressed features (hit the delete dependent features) Make new assembly, manually mating all new parts....


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Dan Bovinich

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