Calling Matt Lombard

Hey, buddy, how about letting people know where you are? I and others
have been trying to find your Web site and email with no success. You
sent a message to me on January 1st saying your new Web site is
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but that URL is invalid. If I take
the "mysite" portion out that URL doesn't work either. Verizon has a
Web hosting service called "My Web Space", but substituting "mywebspace"
for "mysite" doesn't work. Whatcha been up to? Hope you're OK.
Best regards,
Mark 'Sporky' Stapleton
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I found out ya not only have to remove the "www.", but also add a forward slash (/) at the end.
kb wrote:
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I'm pretty sure that I never did anything about finding Matt's new site, but when I read this I decided to update my favorites. I was automagically redirected to the right site. I don't know why or who was responsible, I'm just really glad to have all that great information at my fingertips!
Jerry Steiger Tripod Data Systems "take the garbage out, dear"
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Jerry Steiger
Sorry I've kind of dropped out for a while, I've been busy with other things. Thanks for the concern, but everything's fine. Actually everything's better than fine.
It seems that I've either posted or mass emailed wrong links to my moved site. Even Desktop Engineering magazine published the old url after the site had been moved. Here's the new functioning URL:
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email: (remove the dashes) alternate email:
For anyone who reads this and might be interested, here's some shameless self promotion. I'm going into the independent contracting / consulting business. Initially I'm going to offer a wide range of services to begin generating some customers, and hope to eventually trim it down to the most reliable or lucrative few.
- plastics design
- complex shapes design /
surfacing repair work
- advanced design assistance (think of something that tech support rolls their eyes at, and that's where I'd like this to begin)
- PDMWorks / SolidWorks implementation and advanced troubleshooting (administrator training / power user mentoring)
- custom training / tutorial development for SolidWorks or related products
If your company is interested in any of this, please use the email above.
Matt Lombard
Sporkman wrote in news:
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