transfering giant DAMNIT!

A month ago I was asked by a guy in this newsgroup what my web page was and where my resume was located. I replied "I have neither"

Taking into consideration what the guy said , I realized I needed a web page. A professional web page. Problem is I never made a page before. So I got a domain vinny puglia 3d. .com was taken, but to tell the truth i kinda like net. Im not selling anything.

I decided to make a few web pages for experience before I made my work page. So I'm hosting a web page for a friend and a page for my son. When done I will make a machinist web page that's "not lame" lol. Along with email addy's.

I finished my friends web page. The reason I'm going to post the url here is because of 2 reasons. #1....It has a 3 gig limit file server. No login required. just click, and upload and download at will. It's the bomb. How many damn times have I sent 20 damn broken up email's in my life? TOO many. Please...use this fileserver! Zip your file for size if wanted, and crypt it so nobody can see it if you don't want anybody to see it. (pkzip...winzip...winrar, etc...)

Second is I want negative critic reply's. This page is just a friends, but some of the things I did in this page is literally a beta test for the machine shop web page in the end.

All browsers will support this, the only 2 javascripts I have running will not change the page if you are running a non javascript browser. All things should run on all browsers. Even lynx lol. One javascript makes birds fly around...but the second keeps track of how long youve been on that page. I wrote that one and I hope you see the hidden message I stuck in there every hour.

Basically I'm posting this as a beta test for the things I did in the page. I am a month away from making my page

formatting link
and I want to iron out the bugs now.


Disclaimer.... I wrote this page for a person...not me. There's things on that page that might make you think less of me, all I have to say is I host the site...thats all. My page will be a reflection of me, but not the page I am about to post. However...

The page is a damn good page for when your at work.

Anonymous usenet access...anonymous web surfing...irc channel access... I added pandora for music, and I added a daily changed rotation of midi music. Why midi...because it doesnt interfere with your working. It's perfect for backround music while you work.

Hope ya check it out, It got over 2000 hits in 3 weeks. I'd like to hit the

5000 marker before I come out with my web page.

Also...the usenet access is TOTALLY anonymous. Go ahead and troll, nobody can track ya down. But the IRC isn't. Prolly gonna start up an irc server local when I get the machinist page up and running.

Of course the main thing for us is the file server. it kicks ass. Its been abused already, but im on top of it. Only gonna get me It's like a game. When attacked by black hat haxors...put on your black hat lol.

Look, this web page is a persons "personal" page, not a buissiness, not a government agency, just a local joe's webpage. Dont be critical of the content, but be critical of the structure of the page so I can learn from it.

formatting link is my domain, this web page is friendly. I swear on my beliefs on the LORD the page is safe.

Also... I am known as the friggenbozo. Wanna see what I look like tag the buzzard on the right side of the main title. (turn your speakers up!)


Sign the guestbook as "an actual producer in America" lol

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How long have you had this page up?

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What do you mean by 'up'?

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The above link doesn't work today. In Google Chrome yesterday it loaded, but the buzzards didn't flap their wings in a consistent manner. They flapped when I first entered the site, then when I clicked on a link and came back they stopped flapping.

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maybe a month, or a little longer.

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Thanks for the reply. What I think happened is the site went down for upgrades after you visited it, when you came back you were running off your cache.

I apologize for the hassle. The new dns numbers will spread around by the end of the day.

I get a big fat F on this one.

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formatting link
and ddclient is what I use. If you need help, email me, if you've still got my address.

Also, search for "Alternative DNS Root" at Wikipedia. I have my system (Bind 9 on FreeBSD) configured to use "Public-Root. I used to use ORSN, but it disappeared for a while, then came back. Public-Root has been reliable, no trouble at all, ever, no need to go back.

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Black Dragon

I should elaborate.

ddclient is a Perl script and it's freakin' piss poorly documented. I can provide an example of a config which works with, if you wish.


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Black Dragon

Ill look into it. perl is my favorite lnguage, figuring it out should good excersize. thanks.

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