How about a web page dedicated to the working machinist?

I obviously need more practice before making my personal reference, I was thinking about hosting a site dedicated to working in a
machine shop.
The fileshare thing is a must. I got an extra 80 gig hardrive, maybe ill
dedicate it to the fileshare gimmic. No login needed, 70 gig limit on file
size lol.
Just click the upload button and send whatever you want. It's real fast.
Download is a simple double click.
Definetely anonymous usenet access for this newsgroup and a couple of
others related to what we all do.
I'm not afraid to do the anon thing thru my box, since I can set it to not
crosspost, filter for certain words, ban by ip#, or even ip range, ban by
mac address limits on how many a day can be posted, etc...
Iv'e collected about 20 decent usenet servers, I can afford to lose one
here and one there every now and then, plus I can change my ip# at will, so
that is a good fix if the news server bans me for some dipshit abusing thru
Possibly a place to sign up for email, pop and web.
or something like that?
Of course important links to forums, charts, personal sites etc..
Midi music. I like midi music because there's no words, and nobody gets
bothered by it at work. 90% of songs in the world can be found in midi. Have
it rotate each day or two with 10 hand picked songs. Maybe a place to add a
I would prolly put pandora radio on it, and those that dont know
pandora...damn your missing the most awesome thing on the net.
A link for anon web surfing, dont want to be surfing the companies computer
without being anon.
Maybe a pic page for outragous machined part of the week?
I was also thinking about links to things like stocks for those in
401k's....current laws on the table pertaining to us, etc...
Maybe even a tiny blog section?
Maybe a resume maker? Things like that. Speeds and feeds program ran server
side, heat treat charts server side, etc...
Of course a google search directly on the page.
Gonna start a list I guess.
Just remember this site will be one to run while your working. If you guys
like irc I can start a channel and use mibbit to run it from the web page.
If your boss cuts off internet access, just ask for the one page, claim it
has speeds/feeds, machine articles, etc...
Then if this is the only page at work you can use it will be fine.
GOT any ideas besides for me to go fuck myself? lol
formatting link

anybody got a better name? Seems simple, easy to remember.
(no javascript or active x. The page will run on all browsers including
telnet lol)
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