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I am in the process of making some changes to my webpage, namely revising the guestbook and hit counter. But I have made another, important addition:

I have been informed that several people have tried to contact me by email recently and have not gotten through, so I have also created a form of "inquiry box" where one can ask as to the availability and/or shipping cost of items from my site. The question will appear in a second guestbook that only I will be able to access. (I've asked for help in setting a "private" checkbox as a default, but for now you will have to check the box yourself.)

Please take a moment and access my "aircraft models" page at

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, and see if you can send me a test message through the "inquiry" box. I hope to get the other pages set up with the same thing once I see that this one works.

As always, your help is appreciated.

M. J. Rudy

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AT hotmail DOT com

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M. J. Rudy
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