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There are a good number of surviving Tangye engines and other equipment in Australia and other Commonwealth counties. After a lot of discussion on another forum from owners trying to determine the date of there engines etc a bit better I recieved a lot of support to restarted a Tangye Register, the register started out to be an Australian one but has quickly developed to an international one with engines (and other equipment) from all over the world, note no personnel infomation will be supplied to others.

To give some credit to the register I have developed the start of a Tangye Engine web site which will be developed as data and time is achieved.

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Any help or information on Tangye equipment or improvement to the web page gladly received

Kerry Morris Lithgow NSW OZ snipped-for-privacy@optusnet.com.au

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On the web pages:

The width is forced to 1156 pixels by the table holding the 3 name plate images. This is rather wide and means that I have to use the horizontal scroll bar to read the text.

The name plate images are rather large file size wise and the HTML forces the browser to scale them smaller. Some browsers are crap at scaling images and in this case the outer two are forced to be scaled with a different aspect ratio so end up distorted. Scale the images to the correct size (pixels) for the page so the browser only has to display them.

Make the text next to the brown buttons links as well as just the button.

There appears to be nested tables, I'm not sure why. Using a table for layout is a simple and effective method but is depreciated these days. You ought to be using div's but they aren't quite so intuative to use.

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Dave Liquorice

Thanks Dave, looks good on my display but need to think of others, will address your comments


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