[FFSMC] Poll for an auction service on the FFSMC

Hello to all,
I'm working at present on a new service which I wish to propose to you:
we know that the modelers are often incorrigible kits collectors. It
happens so that for a reason or the other one he is sometimes necessary
to sell or to buy kits, documentation or material...
I work so on an auction service. It is the heavy to build, but which
can indeed return service, especially for people who are afraid of the
swindlers sometimes present on ebay...
I wish so to know if this service (reserved for the subscribers and
requiring a second registration for this particular service to reassure
at most your deals) can interest you, and if you are ready to pay a
(small) contribution (about half of ebay's one) for this service.
So that I know in what to hold me it, thank you to answer the poll.
Chris " Flying Frog "
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Flying Frog
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