[FFSMC] A new and cheap auction service dedicated to scale modellers

Hello all,
Team of the FFSMC is happy and proud to present you their last "baby",
an auction service dedicated to the scale modellers. Indeed,
considering that the big Majors, as Ebay for example, practise veru too
much expensive rates for the type of products that we sell or look, it
seemed to us useful to propose an alternative, cheaper solution, and
reassured by a post mail whom every salesman or buyer should receive
with his login and password before being able to connect to start a
sale or a purchase. This procedure will be made only once by person. It
will allow in particular to make sure of the real existance of the
person and its coordinates.
You can reach this service by the link " FFSMC Auction " situated in
the index "Services" of the main menu of the site, or in menu links
You can open your account by sending us 1 euros via paypal at:
Do not forget to clarify the pseudo which you wish to use and your
surface adress to be able to receive your password...
See you soon on the FFSMC
Chris " Flying Frog "
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