Free 300 page Process Control Book

Free 300 page Process Control Book
Practical Process Control, released in 2004, is a 300 page book that
teaches you proven methods and practices for automatic process controller
design, analysis and tuning.
The methods, demonstrated using a host of case studies, will make money
for your company and improve the safety of your operation. The book is
perfect for both self-paced and instructor guided learning. It is loaded
with step-by-step examples from Control Station that illustrate important
concepts to help you visualize each idea as it is presented.
You can download the complete book in PDF form for FREE at:
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"Practical Process Control"
Free Download (300 page PDF)

By Douglas J. Cooper
Copyright (c) 2004 by Control Station LLC
Table Of Contents
1. Fundamental Principles of Process Control
2. Case Studies for Hands-On and Real-World Experience
3. Modeling Process Dynamics - A Graphical Analysis of Step Test Data
4. Process Control Preliminaries
5. P-Only Control - The Simplest PID Controller
6. Automated Controller Design Using Design Tools
7. Advanced Modeling of Dynamic Process Behavior
8. Integral Action and PI Control
9. Evaluating Controller Performance
10. Derivative Action, Derivative Filtering and PID Control
11. First Principles Modeling of Process Dynamics
12. Linearization of Nonlinear Equations and Deviation Variables
13. Time Domain ODEs and System Behavior
14. Laplace Transforms
15. Transfer Functions
16. Block Diagrams
17. Deriving PID Controller Tuning Correlations
18. Cascade Control
19. Feed Forward Control
20. Multivariable Controller Interaction and Loop Decoupling
21. Modeling, Analysis and Control of Multivariable Processes
22. Model Based Smith Predictor For Processes with Large Dead Time
23. DMC - Single Loop Dynamic Matrix Control
Appendix A: Derivation of IMC Tuning Correlations
Appendix B: Table of Laplace Transforms
Appendix C: DMC Controller Tuning Guides
Appendix D: PID Controller Tuning Guides
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