So what ya guys think of google chrome?

Bottlebob turned me onto it today...and I like it a lot. But...there's some things I really hate. Considering it's just beta I hope it gets better.

Good things.....

First I HATE tabbed browsers, but this one the tabs are at the top of the whole window, actually outside the window. Makes it non-tabbish lol I really like that. The design of the tabbs is perfect.

It's fast as hell. I timed it locally with the same page, used pages with different content and across the board google Chrome is 1/3rd faster than IE

7 or 8. I looked it up and they claim it's the fastest due to the javascript engine, even faster than firefoxes new monkey javascript thing. Weird cause javascript doesnt work with either browser, I wonder if they mean something else. Bottom line its much faster.

bad things...

I read there's a file created each time you run it and that file is accesable to the outside world, tells all. However, some say make it read only, some say start chrome from a program that deletes it. I bet a simple batch file could do that or a tricky startup command parameter in a shortcut. Anyway, seems like you can work around it.

It seems hell bent on showing in giant pics where youve been. On the upside it has a "stealth" mode so it wont keep track of where you are.

Beieive it or not compared to IE it has jack for configuration settings, mainly security. I will admit it's Ill give em a chance. But theres not much cookie control or popup control, its either on or off it seems.

It doesn't seem to want to run javascript, active x etc... I love that shit. At least give me the option to turn it on. In IE you can add sites to your "safe sites list" and give full everything and not worry. Nothing like that on chrome.


Finally a question...It brags about running a new, fastest in the world javascript engine, and is claiming to go the javascript route by making it safe. But I cant run any javascript? Am I missing something here?

(thanks bottle bob, Im sick of surfing with the same old browser, I miss the exciting days when netscape first came out. Now our browsers are like our cars, boring and your stuck with it)

One major bitch...where's the damn status bar! That's our window into the code as a user. It's a conspiracy all these proggy's are losing their status line. With no status line you sit there like an idiot when its stuck, or getting error messages, etc...

For the record Google NEVER gave up personal info to Uncle sam when pressured to do so. Yahoo choked, msn choked, earthlink choked, they all did except Google. So far they are a company I can be proud is American. I bet they'll never need 25 billion bailout cash!

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