melt sampling without breaking vaccuum

Looking for sampling valve systems for vacuum melting chamber in order to analyse sample before casting without breaking vacuum.

Can you give me some manufaturers of this kind valves or pertinent key words for searching

All my searches on google gives me results for relatively low temperature applications eg 300°C for pharmaceutical OR petroleum but nothing found till today for 1500-1600 °C molten metal sampling.

Also an idea for materials to deep in the molten bath to take sample are they made of ceramics or refractory metals such Nb or Tantalum etc..?



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maybe you should elaborate:

  • type of metal being cast / melted / sampled
  • type of analysis to be performed
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Gung Ho

A simple technique to draw a sample can be as follows. Pour out a sample piece under vacuum. Then move this piece to an inspection door from where this could be sucked out without breaking the vacuum in the chamber. Alternately you could contact engineers from Inductotherm who can give better suggestions.

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Arun Rao

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