How to explode....

minserted blocks??
i got a drawning with minserted blocks, and it is giving me a hard time!!
cause I need to use only the lines (ventilation duct trace) which are also
inserted with minsert function.
although it is not such a big file in size, my CAD gets very, VERY, slow
during every operation with this DWG.
what can I do to get it simplified?? and to explode minserted blocks?
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You can start by deleting everything you don't need from the file and then PURGE the drawing. If the drawing is still really slow its likely that the problem is a large number of layer filters, which can be deleted.
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Michael Bulatovich
You can't explode minserted blocks. But you can insert a single instance of the same block, and explode that if it contains what you need. ___
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Paul Turvill
The problem is that this DWG I got from the architect, and it is consisted of a one single block, created by minsert function, in which are every elements of the building. So, that means that I can't explode just one piece and than use it. That part is quite simple to do. But this is the first time that I come up to minsered blocks. A guy at the tech. support for ACAD told me that, sometimes, minsert function is for securing the DWG in the way that you can something with it, but the problem is speed. For me this way of securing is funny because ther are DWF file to view and just print.
I come up the LISP command which explodes minsert function but the problem is that it doesn't work with specific blocks, cause it searches for another DWG which is, probably, at the comp of the architect.
Do you know what is the exact function of minsert? And when to use it? I know that for creation of it, the program generates a matrix at least in size of 2x2.... that means that every block is created minimum 4 times!!!!!!!! WHY???? i mean, what' the use.... i don't see any reason for it...
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Why not just insert the block at the same insertion point and erase the minsert, as Paul suggested....? The block defintion for the Minsert'ed block is identical to the Insert'ed one.....
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Our std office practice is to distribute minserted drawing files only. Our std "for approval only" block or "for construction" block are inserted on the original then the entire drawing is minserted before distribution.
My understanding is that once minserted, the drawing is no longer editable other than to add to or erase it in it's entirety. If this is not correct, please explain how individual components of a minserted drawing can be exploded then edited.
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