Help needed. Is moving assembly cuts possible?

We have a new person in the office who made a small mistake doing a model
and its drawing. I need some help correcting it without massive amounts of
extra work.
We use 2000i, build 2003090. Our company standards require that a welded
structure is a seperate process from the machining of the same structure.
We therefore usually assemble all the plates into an assembly for just
welding, and do a drawing based on that, showing just the welds. Because
of our BOM break downs we use another part number for the machining
process so we create a new blank assembly and assemble the just completed
weldment into it as a sub-assembly. All machining cuts, drill, taps, etc
are then added as assembly features in the new upper level main assembly.
Each has it's own number that way and fits our design structure. That is
what is normally done.
Instead, our nubie put all the machining cuts and such directly into the
weld assembly. Some fifty odd cuts, and around two hundred drills (about
2/3's of them tapped). All are seperate features as they do not lend
themselves well to patterning due to location, axis, and orientation.
Because of the large amount of time required to redo do the machining in
the proper assembly, we'd like to find a way to move them from the sub-
assembly to the main assembly. Short of cheatin' on the drawings by
blanking layers in the sub-assembly and not in the main assembly, is there
a way to do this? Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.
Jeff Thomas
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Jeff Thomas
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Two possible methods to try:-
Method 1 (best way)
Group all the assy features
Create a udf of the group, with single prompts.
Copy assy to welded assy, delete all the assy cuts from welded assy.
create a new top level assy
assemble welded assy
import the udf feature (hopefully there shouldnt be too many references to select if there are not a lot of plates)
If this works, delete the old assy.
Method 2 (horrible way):
If the top level drawing hasn't been done yet:-
Copy the assy to a welded assy, and remove all the cuts from that assy.
Export the machined assy to a Merged Solid Exported Shrinkwrap Model
Make a new assy, assemble both subassemblies.
Exclude the shrinkwrap assy from your bom table.
Create a dimensioned drawing.
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"dakeb" wrote in news:c0fv47$22d$
Thanks very much for the suggestions. I'll try them on Monday at work (this hadn't reached me by the time I left home Friday morning - bad server).
Again, THANKS!
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