Updateing design tables in drawing

I have a drawing with design tables in it and there are just a few of the
columns and rows that I would like in the table so I've hidden the
rows/columns that I don't want visible. my problem is when I save the
drawing it updates the table and moves to the last column and updates to
that view in the drawing. how do I keep the table up to date in the dwg but
not have to go back in to the part and re set the table each time I save the
document. It is costing me a lot of time. By the way, at one time well
working on the parts I lost the design table and I had to open the table
from the drawing in a different window save the file then reattach the table
in the part. this put the design table icon back in the feature manger. The
weird thing was that with the design table gone from the feature manager the
configs were still there in the config manager. can some one explain?
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Nathan Feculak
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I believe that design tables are just a quick way to create and save many configurations. If the table is removed, the configurations still exist and will not be removed unless you manually delete them.
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Keith Streich

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