Drawing table values linked to values in design table?


Is there a way to have values in a generic table in a drawing driven by values in a design table of a part/configuration?

I have created a generic drawing and dimension table for each configuration of an assembly with general dimensions A, B, C, D etc. All the dimesnions are already in teh assembly design table. I currently have to manually fill in the table on the drawing. It would be better if I could directly have them linked to the values in the design table.

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We insert the Design Table into the drawing and format it using hide columns and rows and the other format tools in Excel. There are rules in help on which row to use for column headings.

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If the dimension shows in the drawing, you can add it to your generic SW table.

Double-click the cell in the table to begin editing it. Then, click once on the dimension you'd like to appear in the cell. YOU MUST THEN add some sort of extra text. If you click to exit the cell without adding anything else, the dimension value disappears.

You might add a unit suffix, or if you were doing the overall dimensions for a sheet metal flat pattern, add an "x" between the two dimensions.

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That is possible too. But he wanted information from a Design Table to show up in a generic table. I point out that you don't need the generic table, just insert and format the Design Table.

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