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I'm a new user of SOLID WORKS, and I'm experimenting design tables.

I think I've fully understood how to use design tables to configure the internal dimensions of a PART, and to choose the configuration of a certain part in an ASSEMBLY.

But how it is possible to design an assembly with a PART 1 in some configurations and PART 2 in others, where PART 1 and PART 2 ar different parts, not different configurations of the same part ? Is it possible with a design table ?

I think that this could happen very often: for instance, a model could use a roller bearing in some configurations and a ball bearing in others.

Many thanks in advance.

Ferruccio Levi

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I guess You mean some parts are supressed in one configuration and some other in another config. It is possible to control the supressed state also in the design table.

// Krister

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Yup - and the easiest way to LEARN how it works is to actually create your assemblies and set them up to use different configurations of parts in a couple of configurations of an assembly.

for a quick easy example: assy config 1 uses part A with config 1, part B with config 1 assy config 2 uses part A with config 2, part B with config 2 assy config 3 uses part A with config 1, part B with config 2 assy config 4 uses part A with config 2, part B with config 1

You don't NEED a design table to set it up to do this, but it makes it easy (almost necessary) to control it. Make sure it's doing what you want it to do when you activate each assy config.

THEN, insert a design table and let Solidworks Auto-Create one.

Open up the design table and see how it more or less works, and you'll say "ohhhh, I get it".

I always make my own design tables and very rarely use the auto-create as I like to set it up my way right from the start, but this will help you understand the workings...

Good luck!

BTW - how dare you ask a SWx question in here!! Don't you have some juicing machine and plant toxin questions??!? lol ;)

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Surely I'm a new user both of SOLIDWORKS and of this newsgroup; and with the first discussions about fruit juice and California I wondered to be on the wrong place.

My problem should be much simpler: I do not need two configurations for PART

1 or PART 2: they are two quite different things; in my example two SKF bearings, built as subasseblies by VBA routines provided directly by SKF, on which I've not any control facility.

Each dimension of the model require its own bearing type and size; really the only way is to incorporate ALL the possible bearings in the main assembly, to be suppressed all but one in the design table ?

Ferruccio Levi

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I am not using design table much anymore. Except in special situations.

Usualy, I create a new configuration (right click in the configuration tab/ create a new config, same as part config). Then I add/ supress (not erase) the parts as I need.

You should try that way, on a test assembly.

Then you can do an insert/ table/ design table. And let the system create the excel file. You can then examine this table to see how you can do what you want.

In case you have not looked at it, there are quite a lot to learn in the tutorial, for a begineer.

Le auguro un buon lavoro. Cordiali Saluti JM

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Many thanks for the answer, which apparently confirms that adding and suppressing is the only way.

Now perhaps I'll have some problems with mates, since other parts of the model should mate to these varying parts; I hope SW will accept and ignore any mate to a suppressed part, but I've not yet tried it.

Ferruccio Levi

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