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Hello -

I have created a a very simple table base assembly in SW 2007. It includes 3 parts that mate to form the width, depth and height of the base. The parts themselves are simple extruded bosses.

I have added a design table to the the assembly and would like to create a number of configurations that vary in width, depth, and height.... seems like it ought to be simple.

The width, depth, and height of my assembly are actually defined my the distance of the extrude feature from each part. Unfortunately, I can not figure out how to control these dimensions in my assembly level design table. Is this possible? Any guidance would certainly be appreciated.

Thank you for your help.


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Dear Alex,

Try using equations in the assembly and link dimensions of your part with them.


n Nov 10, 7:48 pm, Alex wrote:

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What I have done in the past is to link these dimensions to different configurations within my parts design table, so when I change configurations within my part my dimension changes, then I create different configurations within my assembly which change referenced part configurations, rather than part level dimensions. (So my assembly level design table just activates and de-activates part configurations)

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