Can I suppress features from design table?

I have a lot of configurations - and would like to suppress/unsuppress features from a design table.

In the table I could then easily see what's on and what's not.

Is that possible?

I just did the online tutorial on design tables - it's good, bud does not mention anything like this.

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Yes, look up help on suppression in design tables, the cells only require a "S" or "U". Features and parts can be suppressed in part and assembly files via design table respectively.

From the help file: a.. Method 1 (recommended). The column header for controlling feature suppression uses this syntax:


where feature is the name of the feature. For example, the column labeled $STATE@Hole1 controls the suppression of the first hole.

In the table body cells, type the value for the desired suppression: Suppressed (or S), Unsuppressed (or U). If a cell is left blank, the default is Unsuppressed.

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Keith Streich

If you create 2 configs one with all the features unsuppressed and the second with all the ones you want to manipulate in the design table suppressed and then create your design table it will automatically populate the columns and the suppression states. then you can add the needed configs at will from the design table. This way you don't have typos.


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Corey Scheich

check out a user group presentation on design tables at

formatting link
follow the rules of thumb link.

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Another way to prevent typos is to do it the normal way by double clicking on whatever feature or dimension you want added to the design table. Why would you want to type the header info into the design table?

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Seth Renigar

Search the help for "summary of design table parameters" to get an overview of what is possible with design tables and how to do it. You'd think the tutorial would point people to this for further study.

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Dale Dunn

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