Suppress features in configurations

I have this assembly that comes in a right and left version.

I would like to make a general assembly with everything on it - and then suppress some parts to make it a "Right" and suppress some other parts to make it a "Left"

I now have an assembly with this "general assembly" as the only component. Then I try to suppress some features in a configuration. My problem is that I cant make the supression configuration specific. Once I have suppressed a feature it is suppressed in all configurations.

How do I solve this?

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Create 2 configs of the subassy - RH & LH - and then in the upper assy, set that sub to one or the other.


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Wayne Tiffany

I dont understand your answer... could you please be more specific? Thanks.... ;-)

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Steve, you can't directly suppress parts in a subassembly from a higher assembly PER configuration. Wayne is telling you that you need to make configurations of the subassembly such that the correct parts are suppressed for use at the higher assembly level. You then choose the subassembly configuration that fits the bill at the higher level.


steve wrote:

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