Macro to suppress all features in parts from top level assembly

Looking for a way to reduce large assembly size to aid in e-mail transfers.
My thought would be a macro that creates a config (i.e. all suppressed) in
each part, sub-assembly and top level assembly, then suppresses all
features, mates, etc.
Once this macro is run, the user could run Unfrag or EcoSqueeze to minimize
the file size.
Does anyone have something like this?
Is there another way to accomplish this? Saving as a neutral format is not
an option.
Thanks in advance.
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Your idea would help.
But another neat trick is to actually create an extrude feature at the end of the feature tree (parts only), that totally covers the model. All you are left with is a box (or cylinder depending on what you sketch). This feature can then be suppressed to expose the "underlying" model. I usually name the feature "SUPPRESS ME". This way there is still only one config to deal with. Configs can actually cause file sizes to increase rather large.
Then, after you create this feature, do a "file>save as" to a new location. Just don't have the assembly open when you do this.
These techniques, along with the unfrag thingy, and zipping, can reduce file sizes by around 75-90%. It used to reduce it about that much anyway. I have not tried this in several releases.
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Seth Renigar
Thanks for the tip.
The problem I have, is that there are many parts in the top level assembly. Instead of opening each part and creating an extruded block, I am looking for a way to do it from the top level assembly, and traverse down the tree to suppress everything in each part.
Any other suggestions?
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CAD Guy -
Kent has a utility available, Visibility Toggle, at:
formatting link
that can suppress everything in an assembly
Steve R.
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Steve Rauenbuehler
That's about all I've got.
Except for one other thing, the actual zipping utility you use before sending. I highly recommend using WinRAR as your zipping utility over WinZip. It will compress in 2 formats, .zip & .rar. It will compress to .zip smaller than WinZip. However, it will compress much smaller using the .rar format.
If the person on the receiving end does not have WinRAR to unpack the .rar file, you can create a .sfx file which is nothing more than an executable .rar file.
I just did a comparison test. I started with 28 SW files that were 57.6MB total: 9.48MB - Windows Compressed Folder (I don't even have WinZip) 8.97MB - WinRAR in .zip format (less than Windows can do) 3.45MB - WinRAR in .rar format (about half of the .zip) 3.50MB - WinRAR in .sfx format (marginally larger because now its an executable)
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Seth Renigar
Here is a free macro that will do this to a point. But you could build off of this one to suppress all components not just top level.
formatting link
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One problem I've run into with this type of idea is that we often have features in our parts that are suppressed. (They may be used in different configurations or may be left over from other attempts to make the part that are kept "just in case".) When the person on the other end unsuppresses everything, they run into problems.
A way around this is to make your initial part and assembly templates with a Suppressed configuration. If your configuration properties are set up to suppress features and mates for newly inserted items, then this configuration has everything suppressed.
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Jerry Steiger
.> One problem I've run into with this type of idea is that we often have
One way around this problem is to put all of these "just in case" features into a folder named "DO NO UNSUPPRESS".
However your idea with the Suppressed configuration is good too. I just try to avoid configs these days because they cause bloated file sizes... By using my workaround above, you can keep it all in one config. You just have to trust the person on the other end to know what "DO NO UNSUPPRESS" means.. : )
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Seth Renigar
Seth, Steve, Jeff and Jerry,
Thanks, all of your suggestions are valuable.
The problem I face is the parts and assemblies are all ready built. To open each model, create a config (i.e. "all suppressed"), suppress everything, go up one assy level, create config (i.e. "all suppressed"), go up one assy level., etc.
I assume you can see the problem.
Was hoping some VB savvy user had all ready crossed this bridge.
Guess I'll need to get started using the manual approach
Thanks again,
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Cad Guy

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