reoder assembly pattern features (assembly)


This is quite anoying. I cannot reoder pattern features of parts. This is in an assembly. Even when I go in rollback the new pattern feature is placed at the bottom of the tree. It would mind me, but now I can't select the pattern feature to be used in an already existing pattern feature (that is above the new one in the tree). The last feature is greyed out. Also supressing the other features doesn't work. With supressing or rolback I asure that the new feature doesn't have dependencies to the other pattern features.

Does anyone else saw this?

What can I do about this? Any suggestions?

Using 2004 sp 4.1 on win2000

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Johnny Geling
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Sometimes when dragging things in an assembly FMT, it will look like you can't reorder, but it will work. I've noticed this especially after the mate group. When dragging, the pointer will change to the circle with a slash through it. If you drop it anyway, it will sometimes work. In other cases, you can't drag an item to the end, but you can reorder everything above it. Is this the sort of flakiness you're seeing?

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Dale Dunn

It is something like that. when I drag and drop nothing happens. The cursor changed into the circle with slash.


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Johnny Geling

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