Supressing groups of interdependent features


I have a part with two features, the second of which was created in-context with the first. Now I made a new configuration for the part in which both of the features are suppressed.

Now whenever I activate that configuration I get warnings that the part couldn't be rebuilt because there were unresolved dependencies -- and the dependent (suppressed) feature has a warning sign on it.

I know what causes this behavior: Obviously the second feature can't be rebuilt because the first one is suppressed, but why doesn't SW notice that I don't want either of those features present in the current configuration and that it therefore shpuldn't care?



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Robert Latest
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Sometimes consumed sketches need to be suppressed also. Maybe this is the case?

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Dale Dunn

Robert, are the sketches also supressed? I ran into this once before and when I supressed the sketch all was OK.


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