CT Design Firm Seeking Entry to Mid Level Engineer

Evo Design LLC in Watertown, CT is looking for a new engineer or
designer to
join our expanding engineering team. Not just any individual will do
though. Since design is our business, we are looking for the right
to have a passion for design as well as a willingness and ability to
the technical details when bringing world class products to market.
position will include a large amount of CAD modeling and documentation.
previous experience with surface modeling of complex form geometry
would be
a huge plus. Initial responsibilities would be to support Sr.
Engineers on
existing projects, with an increasing level of project responsibility
needed. Ultimately you would be responsible for entire projects,
designs not only meet manufacturing requirements but keep the form
at hot as it can be.
Along with the following qualifications, the right person must possess
strong work ethic and have a genuine excitement about product design.
Qualifications Required:
ASMET minimum, prefer BSME.
3-5 years practical experience in a product development environment
preferably in the consumer products or medical device industries.
Solidworks 2005, MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
Excellent verbal and written communications skills.
Salary : $45K
Benefits : Medical, Comp Time, Vacation, Flexible hours
Small company environment, excellent location.
Please no recruiters or placement services. Only qualified individuals
should reply. Please submit your resume or portfolio via email to:
David Seebauer
Engineering Director
Evo Design LLC
1369 Main St.
Watertown, CT 06795
Phone: 860.945.1118
Fax: 860.945.1104
email: snipped-for-privacy@evodesign.com
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Oooh Cliff
Thanks for this posting. I will write to them to see if they will let me work from another continent, on a lower salary scale, obviously. This is a very interesting job. Thank you. Will surf their site later this evening. Thanks
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"tony kujawa" wrote in news:4360c754$0 $41147$ snipped-for-privacy@news.sunsite.dk:
I don't know about CT, but in CA you'd might find a recent graduate with no work experience willing to work for that rate, if you're talking about someone with a four year engineering degree.
Maybe someone with a two-year degree from a tech school with some experience would work for that.
Is living in CT that much cheaper than CA? Are wages that much lower on the east coast? I'd expect something in the $30/hr range here for someone with the qualifications mentioned.
Of course, comp time and flexible hours are not things I typically see mentioned in ads for engineers/designers. That might be a huge plus to some candidates.
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Thanks, just curious. CA wages are MUCH higher than anywhere else in the country. Hell, MI wages are 25-30% higher than OH wages. Then again the same house that I can buy in a decent neighborhood in OH is 100K and in MI it is 150K, and I'm sure 200+ in CA.
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tony kujawa
Closer to $400K in Silicon Gulch. That's a big factor in why I left. Didn't make sense to make twice the money and live half as well.
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"tony kujawa" wrote in news:4362375a$0$41143$ snipped-for-privacy@news.sunsite.dk:
If you can find a decent house in an ok neighborhood for
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Wow, I knew they were well over 200K in CA, but damn $300-400 pretty much everywhere? How in the hell does anybody afford to live out there? Not trying to be nosy, but you would have to make 100K/yr to afford a house. You make that kind of $ out there?
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tony kujawa
Household income really does have to be significantly over $100k/yr to buy a house right now. My wife and I could not afford to buy the house we live in at today's prices, even on two incomes.
Interestingly, rent has not tracked with real estate values. It will be interesting to see what happens when that correction starts happening. If people can't afford to rent in an area, they'll probably move. High rental vacancy percentages will cause more people to put their proerty for sale, resulting in supply outpacing demand. There is an equilibrium point we're heading towards. Anyone who can predict where that point is is going to get rich from it.
I didn't register to read the article Bonobo posted. Since it's Orange County, where some of our highest real esate values are, I'd guess its skewed towards the high end, even for CA. I live in San Bernardino County, the largest county in the US in land area, and in the past a very affordable place to live. We've at near the top of the list for increasing property values for a couple of years now.
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You have to make much more than $100K/year to really afford a house. Lots of couples with dual 6-figure incomes struggling to pay mortgages. Lots of houses with no furniture and old cars in garages.
Nice thing about SJ: no such thing as a cruddy neighborhood.
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Sheesh - try Long Island sometime....pretty much the same. Just glad my wife talked me into building our house in 2000....I was procrastinating about doing it at the time - Man, I'm glad now she pushed me....
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Have you looked at FOR SALE BY OWNER properties; perhaps you could get a better price if the owner is not giving up 4-6% to an agent. There are a number of online sites that you can look at; though I'd try
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which has compiled several of the larger sites into one place searchable via Google Map. It looks like there are at least 7000 listings in CA alone.
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hey great site I used the virtual tour and was able to find a house that I think I could be very happy in.... Is Malibu a good area? BTW do you think the owners would mind someone from NZ living in their walk-in pantry? - I should confess I really need to hang upside down for several hours a day -preferably overnight- to be comfortable living away from home - do you think that would that upset any one?
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