Sr. Design Engineer Available

Sr. design engineer with 25k plus hours on Pro/E (some widfire) up to
2001. Looking for short/long term contract assignment. No geographical
restrictions. Pro/E skill level on scale of 1-10 is 9. Excel at
working high profile, high pressure emergency type projects that are
behind schedule and sinking fast. Sr. design skills in a number of
industries. Know plastics, sheet metal, machined parts, castings,
composites, etc. Proficient use of most Pro/E modules. Prefer W2
situation. Excellent verifiable refs. Also use Catia 5, Autocad,
Solidworks and other cad packages.
Have full seat of Pro/E (20, 2000i, 2000i2 and 2001 loaded) if
interested and can work onsite or offsite.
If interested please contact me with your name and company info as I
can't respond to anon requests for info.
Tate Brown
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Tate Brown
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In article , mech_proe says...>
25K??? would you care to explain how you arrived at this figure. I have worked with proe for nearly ten years but could not claim 12K. M
Sr. design engineer with 25k plus hours on Pro/E (some widfire) up to
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40 hrs/week 4 weeks/month = 160 hrs/month x 12 months/year = 1920 hrs/month x 10 years = 19,200 hrs for 10 years if you use it 100% of your job
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