CNC Machining Center... entry level & cheap

Time is for change... My cam operating bar turning machine is putting me in bad light. As a OE supplier I need to own CNC Machining/Turning Centers.

What should I do... I can spend Rs.1,000,000/- ($20,000/-) for my machine and to streach myself I could double my offer to Rs.1,500,000/-

($30,000/-) flat (this could really strain my resources-bankrupt me) but I am not clear on what I should do. KB

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Outsource bro.

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I had a similar stray thought. There are shops with CNC machining centers who might be pleased to find a customer for some second or third shift hours on their clockwork. That's more of an easy way in, I would have thought....

Brian Whatcott Altus OK

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Brian Whatcott

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