Cheap CNC mill.

Anyone want a cheap CNC mill, 1999 in good condition, low hours.
Ebay number 3808596538
Anyone else smell a rat?
John S.
John Stevenson
Nottingham, England.
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John Stevenson
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Have a look here John. all the best...mark
formatting link
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In message , John Stevenson writes
Rats are everywhere, I think I've seen that one before.
Another amusing one is item 3808319645. Hmmm 2 grand start for a Posidata controlled mill LOL, our local machine tool dealers weigh those in at the scrappy.
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Wayne Weedon
It gets better,
I bid on a laser engraver and after smeling a rat notified Ebay who kindly told me the seller was in Romainia not the UK as once stated :)
ebays great for pickup and pay at the time but past that much over 50 quid and your risking it :)
cheers D
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