ER 20 Collets

I've seen an auction for "ER 20 collets". What does "ER' mean? Would they fit my Myford ML7 lathe? Regards, John

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ER is a style of collet, mostly used on milling machines.

they are double tapered, and each collet will cover a 1mm range.

Morse taper and straight shank holders are available, as well as the milling machine holders.

ER 20 is less popular than ER 16 or ER 25...

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their part no for a 7-6mm ER 20 collet is ERI-2067A, for a 2MT holder it's ERI-90040L.

hope this helps.

-- Jonathan

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Jonathan Barnes

Er...I don't know ;-)

Regards, Tony

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Tony Jeffree

The ML7 uses MT2 collets! That's Morse Taper 2.

Steve R.

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Hello John, Extended Range. If you look at any catalogue it will show that each collet has a range of 1mm ie a 20mm collet has a range of 19 to 20mm. Regards GeoffH Norfolk - UK

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