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Hello there I´m looking for a cheap CNC machine. I´m mostly into bying a complete kit i just need to screw together if thats a possebility. I´ve looked at the Proxxon MF 70 with an add on, so it becomes a CNC machine. This unit would cost around 550 Euro.

I should use the machine for PCB´s and small aluminum bloks. The workarea would be fine if it where just 160x100 mm, but bigger wont mather :)

Anyone got any good links for me ?

Regards, Stefan

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The Sieg X1 Micro Mill is quite a cheap starter machine, ARC Euro had some on offer the other day, and you can get ready made stepper mounts from

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no problems getting stuff sent internationally.

Stu G

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the X2 converted will be around £1750 and the super X3 about £2850 - I heard they are due in next month some time.

Hugh ps the American site is:

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