Show all hidden parts in assembly

Is there any way to show all the hidden parts of an assembly with one command ? Or has anyone made a macro for this ?

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Ilkka Loponen
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Select (highlight) the item at the very top of the Feature Manager and then select edit>show with dependants.


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Richard Doyle

It would be easy to write a macro for this, but I wonder why you'd want this. Why not make a configuration with hidden parts and another with all visible ?

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Philippe Guglielmetti

Select the top level assy in the feature tree.

Goto Edit, Show, Show with Dependents, This Configuration

KCS Visibility Toggling macro does this with one click if the macro is open (otherwise takes two clicks). This macro does more. It will invert the display of a selection or hide others (than the selection). The same types of commands are available for suppression states.

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KCS Development

Shift select first and last and right click to show. Anybody know shorter?

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