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Hello all,
The company I work for builds machinery which consist of several
modules. Modules needed depend on the customer needs. At the
salesoffice, a drawing is made which shows a simplified layout of the
machine. In the engineering office this drawing is used to make a
correct representation of the machine.
For each drawing a 3D model of the machine is build consisting of
simplified versions of each module. Each module is a assembly with one
or more parts in it. Some of the assemblys also contain a part with
the text 'WEB' in the filename. For clearity, these parts have to be
visible or hidden when creating the machine model from seperate
What I need is a macro that can do the following:
- Search for all part with 'WEB' in the filename.
- If these parts are hidden, then make then visible.
- If these parts are visible, then make them hidden
- The marco should work in an assembly and in a drawing.
Please help.
Jan Derk Remmers
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Jan Derk
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If you have a basic knowledge of VB programming, visit
formatting link
get one of these samples as a good starting point: - How to show all components in an assembly - How to show only the selected components in an assembly You will need 2 minutes of work from there to do the job.
will require 3 more minutes...
I might do it for you if I can find 5 mins, or if you have some money (email me)...
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Philippe Guglielmetti

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