PTC strikes again :-(

PTC= persistantly terrible coding
In previous version of Pro 2000i^2 , 2001 they had drawing
functionality called "represent" in which you could hide features
of a part in the drawing without actually supressing the feature in
part mode. Now in Wildsputter 2.0 they've gone and done removed
that option , perhaps in efforts to re-sell it to us as a new
'enhanced' module.
Anyways, what are your workarounds to make a drawing of a single
part, yet have features within the part hidden in drawing, but not
surpressed in the model.
In assembly drawings you can pick a simplified rep, but not for parts,
which is why the old "represent' was great.
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I know in 2001 you can go to views>display mode>member disp and then blank a member in a single view or all views. Maybe this hasn't been removed from WF?
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Don't know anything about 'represent'ing. The only way I've found to get rid of part features is with 'View>Drawing Display>Edge display>Erase line'. I thought that, since you're able to create a part simplified rep (with features excluded) that this should be available in the drawing. Alas, I've not found a way. It seems to recognize only assembly simp reps. I'm waiting for WF 3. Maybe SloBurn 10 or BarelyGlowingEmber 15.
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David Janes
You must'nt have been the only one that complained
I never even knew that was there. I'll have to check it out in like
years when we switch to Lack-O-Fire 3
Glenn |B
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Did you notice the three (a..-) holes in the new logo? For marketing, sales and support, obviously. The code is not crappier than what everybody is now used to (aka the "good enough" quality approach).
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Walther Mathieu

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