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I need some help working with design tables. I'm trying to create one part file that has numerous configurations of a tube. The tube varies in ID, OD, and Length. This is easy to set up in a design table. My problem is that the various configurations have different tolerances. My AutoCAD drawing of this part shows the various sizes in a table with six columns:

ID | ID Tolerance | OD | OD Tolerance | Length | Length Tolerance

If I enter dummy columns in my design table so that I can type in the tolerances, SWX no longer recognizes OD or Length as design table linked variables.... probably because there is an "empty" column separating them. How do I enter dummy columns and still have SWX pick up the columns that are actually linked to model dimensions?

I'm doing this so that I can just dump my design table into my drawing and have my tabulated dimensions all ready to go. I don't want to have to create this spreadsheet twice, only to have them not be linked.

I'm running SWX 2003 SP 4.

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Mickey Reilley
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I found a solution: I create the design table for my drawing to the right of the model design table. I then link values with a formula so the drawing table will update. Simple, but lame because I basically have two design tables in my design table.

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Mickey Reilley

Look up Summary of Design Table Parameters in your help file. Basically you need to put $comment in the column header.

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You came up with a workaround and Pmwh (how do you pronounce that?) gave you a better one, but the real answer is to get SW to put tolerances in the design table. Until that happens you might want to look into paying Philippe to write a macro:

Jerry Steiger Tripod Data Systems "take the garbage out, dear"

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Jerry Steiger

Can you apply a 'Fit Tolerance' to the dimensions in the drawing, this way the tolerance will automatically update as the diameter of the pipe increases or decreases in size (e.g. a H7 fit will remain as a H7 fit, but the actual tolerance amount will change to suit the diameter). Obviously this will only work if this fits in with your design intent.

Merry :-)

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Merry Owen

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