specifying yor design table


i want to use a design table for drawing a truss. in this design tabl

i have entered every distance between each brace ande every angle o the brace. but when you enter the dimensions, all of the dimension appear in 1 row, so when you have lets say 100 dimensions you have o extremely long row and almost no colums. is it posible to for exampl enter the distances in one row, and the angle in another row etc.

the next question is about a design table as well. the distance a

described above comes out of another excel-sheet. is it possible t couple these sheets? so that you can say "this distances is the sam as the value of row x and colym y in another sheet

Many thank


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I believe you can link a design table to another spreadsheet.

As for the first problem, all the dimensions should be in one row. You can format the dimension names and set alignment to 90deg. to make them take up less space.

I am surprised that there is no repetition of dimensions in your truss.

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You can use multiple Excel sheets in design tables! This way you can have a table formated the way you want, and a design table in SW format that simply copies cells from the other sheet. All you have to care is to activate the sheet with the SW design table before saving/closing. Philippe Guglielmetti -

formatting link

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Philippe Guglielmetti

Hello Hendrik,

Look the excel documentation for Transpose function. You could fill in the actual dimension values in single or multiple columns instead of row, and you could use Transpose function to turn the column 90 degrees to the way SolidWorks wants them to be.

Kind regards, Heikki

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Heikki Leivo

The other thing you can do is to write a macro to copy specific dimensions from one or more sheets to the design table sheet used by SolidWorks. This allows you to use more of the features of Excel such as forms, dialogs, VB, etc and then copy and activate the correct sheet before exiting.


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