Need help with config tables in sub-assembly

I am having a problem with parts in a sub-assembly not changing in my
assembly. When I click on the properties in a part in a sub-assembly my
config files are greyd out so therefor it is not looking for the right
config file when i update.
Anyhelp would be helpfull
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If you are trying to change the properties of a part within the subassembly while in the main assembly, your out of luck. You will have to create configurations of the subassembly with the components changed in the subassembly.
Damian wrote:
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Damin...I am not sure if you are completely out of luck. What John suggested is definately one solution. What you might try to do is "edit part" where you are trying to change to a different configuration while in the main assembly. Right now I am a bit rusty, but i dont see why wouldnt work as well.
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Arthur Y-S
Make sure you are not trying to change a part within a sub-assy from within your main assembly. Also make sure in the properties box, you have selected use named configuration.
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Dustin Biber
Would I be right in saying that:
If I had Assembly 1 wich had a design table with 3 Config's wich consited of 3 parts and each of those parts had three config files Config A Config B Config C am I able to run these configs in Assembly 1 design table
What would the syntax be if so would it be somthing like $configuration@part.......... By the way I am only a newbie and am not having any traing until Febuary
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I don't think so. I think you would have to have 3 established configs of the sub and then specify which sub-config went with which main config.
But then, maybe if you only have one instance of the sub in the main, maybe you could make the sub flexible, and therefore be able to do it. If you have more than one instance of the sub in the main, it won't work.
I don't know - my eyes are crossing. :-~
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Wayne Tiffany

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